Michelin Trailxbib Tires

Agricultural Radial tire Ideal for Slurry Wagons, Spreaders and Trailer in Agricultural Transport and Soil Preparation Applications.


  • High clearance angle
  • Notched lugs
  • More rubber to be worn
  • New VF casing
  • Rounded shoulders and VF Ultraflex Technology
  • Specific tread pattern design
  • Sweeping lug design
  • Central rib
  • Steel belted with extra rubber between the lugs


  • Limited scrub
  • Improve flexibility and flattening for Improved regular wear
  • For long tire life
  • Low pressure impact and outstanding endurance
  • For low soil compaction and optimized yields
  • For self-cleaning
  • For excellent traction and lateral stability
  • For robustness and excellent road handling
  • Puncture and aggression resistant


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